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Rise out of overdraft.

Replace your expensive overdraft with Updraft and chip away your debt. Updraft predicts your spending and alerts you before you overspend.

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A helping hand.

Updraft spots patterns in your spending and alerts you before you overspend. If you need a little extra, we’ll help you avoid bank fees with a low interest loan.

In for a penny, not for a pound.

Overdrafts often spiral down into worse debt as bank fees build. Updraft charges pennies a day, not pounds, and gets cheaper over time. We help lift you out of debt.

Unarranged Overdraft

6per day

  • paid by UK consumers


6 per day

  • for every £100 borrowed

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Help us build Updraft

Help us craft a useful & ethical replacement to bank overdrafts by joining our preview program. We really value your comments, opinion and support.

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UK consumers pay more than £3 billion overdraft fees annually

Read our blog post on the CMA investigation into retail banking.